For the Ladies:

Follow the simple 3-step process (details below):

  1. Step One: Check/Print Manufacturer's Size Chart
  2. Step Two: Have Professional Measurements Taken
  3. Step Three: Submit Your Measurement Order Form to Bridal Sense

Step One: Check/Print Manufacturer's Size Chart

Download and print the size chart for the manufacturer of your gown. This is extremely important. A size "6" from one manufacturer will not fit the same as a size "6" from another manufacturer. 

    Step Two: Get Professionally Measured

    Do not measure yourself. Dress fittings require very specific & accurate measurements. Take the size chart to a professional fitter who will take your measurements for you. To ensure accuracy, please have them taken underyour clothing and wear the appropriate undergarments that you'll wear on the wedding day (bra, slip, shoes). If the dress you are going to wear requires a strapless bra, please wear it to get measured! It makes all the difference!

    The size determined is based on your measurements. Bridal sizes are often very different than regular sizes. The dresses are not custom-made to your measurements, and alterations should be expected. It is in your best interest to determine the closest size to minimize alterations, not completely eliminate them. Remember it is easier to cut a dress down than to lose that last inch!

    Step Three: Submit Your Measurement Form to Bridal Sense

    Download, print, fill out, and submit the PURCHASE measurement order form. Our mailing address and fax number are on the form for your convenience. We will contact you upon receipt to confirm your order. Forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be viewed with the FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® Program.

    For the Men:

    Have your gentlemen visit a professional tailor, men's clothing store or a formal wear specialist to be measured. Or, they could visit another Jim's Formal Wear Retailer near their home.

    Fill in and submit this Tuxedo Measurement Form. Phone 404.256.4696 Fax 404.256.1725 or Email  We will contact you upon receipt to confirm your order.